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Hello. We Are The Pet Project.

We are a unique blend of tech geeks, entrepreneurs, and passionate pet people working together to solve the biggest problems in the pet industry. We come together to work on the Pet Project to creatively solve the everyday problems confronting both pets and the people who love them. We bring the latest in mobile, social, and local technologies to bear in the easing pain points that have been troubling pet owners for centuries.

Over the past few decades the ever-rapid pace of consumer technology has swept through and transformed of every aspect of our lives. However, there is one area in which the ever-long wheel of progress has failed to reach—the realm between man and his best friend. As we look around we are constantly reminded the world has not been designed with the pet owner in mind. Fragmented, inelegant, and broken are the words that best describe the pet world’s current state of affairs. But that’s why we’re here—to provide structure and elegance to an otherwise disjointed industry. We are already hard at work engineering iOS and Android applications that will help you do everything from save you money on pet supplies, to help you find your new furry best friend, or even to assist you in finding an old best friend whom you seem to have temporarily “misplaced”.

The Pet Project can and will tackle all of these problems, and bring pet ownership into the 21st century. Brace yourself; it’s going to be a wild ride.


Our Cause

Pet Project LLC. is committed to improving the lives of pets and pet owners alike throughout the use of new and innovative technologies and techniques. Dedicated to tackling the biggest problems in the industry, we have a passion for our furry life partners and the pet owner lifestyle. We are currently engineering several initiatives, each one to change the definition of what it means to be a pet owner in the 21st century.

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