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AutoSlide Wireless Pet Sensors

The Infra-Red Wireless Pet Motion Sensors are for those with an existing AutoSlide system who want to upgrade it to work with their pets as well.

The set works in unison with an AutoSlide door to give your pets the convenience of being able to open a sliding door or screen on their own and thus not have to rely upon someone else to let them out. Included are 2 infrared (IR) motion sensors which are hardwired into an existing AutoSlide for power.

Each motion sensor should be installed next to the sliding door at the height of your pet's chest with one sensor on the inside and the other outside. Upon detecting your pet,the sensor will open the door and allow your pet to come and go freely without relying upon you. Each AutoSlide system can be set to have the pet mode turned off for the times you do not want your pet to freely come and go as they like.


  • Motion sensors trigger sliding door to open for pet
  • Program door to only open enough to suit the size of your pet
  • Pet receives easy access in and out of home without assistance
  • Add-on accessories for existing AutoSlide systems
  • Includes (2) wireless motion sensors