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Extra Wide Tension Mount Pet Gate - Mahogany


  • 34 1/2" Tall
  • Expandable from 35" to 61" wide
  • Tension-mount design keeps gate securely in place
  • Door opens in both directions for easy access
  • Gate Handle locks or unlocks easily with one hand
  • Rubber feet protect wall surfaces
  • Beautiful hardwood construction
  • 1 1/2" space between wood spindles
  • Wood spindle size is 5/8"
  • Door opening is 23" wide
  • Step-over bar is 1 5/8" high
  • Wood Colors: Brown or White;;
Now you can create a barrier in an extra-wide entryway.
This extra wide;dog gate keeps your dog out of the areas you want and maintains the beauty of your home. The versatile Extra Wide Tension Mount Pet Gate installs without tools in just a minute or two.

If you have a wide the hallway or doorway in your home, then this dog gate is the solution. Plus, if you need to get to the other side, there is no need to move the gate. A convenient, easy to open walk through is available with the one hand thumb operated lock button.

This pet gate can be attached to your doorway or hallway opening using;these options:

  1. For openings from 35” - 37” wide, attach the gate using the Gate only
  2. For openings from 47” - 49” wide, attach the gate using the Gate and one (1) Side Frame (included)
  3. For openings from 59” - 61” wide, attach the gate using the Gate and both Side Frames (included)

Product UPC : 803840941720