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Motorola Wireless Dog Fence for Home and Travel - WIRELESSFENCE25

The Wireless Fence Pet Training System comes with a portable Wireless Fence Unit that establishes an invisible boundary by transmitting radio signals to the Pet Collar Unit up to a distance of 150 feet line of sight from the transmitter. When your dog reaches the boundary zone (about 2 to 3 feet before the “real” boundary),the Pet Collar Unit that is worn on your dog emits a warning beep followed by static correction to get its attention until it backs away from the boundary zone. The Pet Collar Unit is equipped with a safety feature such that it will stop delivering static correction if your dog stays outside the boundary for more than 30 seconds.The boundary zone can be marked with Boundary Flags as a visual aid for your dog,especially during the training stage.

This is an ideal wireless fence system when you want to take your dog camping,to the beach,the park or anytime you are away from home. By installing the rechargeable battery pack and charging it fully allows the unit to operate on battery in the event of a power outage,or while traveling. The Wireless Fence Unit can be operated using an AA-sized rechargeable battery pack (included) as an alternative source of power. Your fence will operate for up to 36 hours on the rechargeable batteries.


  • Rechargeable Collar and Transmitter
  • Corrections: Warning Tone + Vibration + 15 Levels of Static Correction
  • Expands up to 2 dogs with additional TRAVELCOLLAR50
  • Runs on AC or Rechargeable DC Power
  • Installs Indoors or Weatherproof for Outdoor installations. Mounts on table top,wall mount or supplied ground stake
  • Completely portable with travel bag and rechargeable fence unit operates for up to 36 hours
  • Owners Manual