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Undertow Undergravel Filter for 29 & 20L Gallon Aquariums

The Best Traditional Undergravel Filter on the market!


  • Designed for 29/20L gallon aquariums
  • Measures 12” x 30”
  • Undertow Undergravel Filter is a one filter plate system
  • Undergravel Filter is designed to keep your salt or fresh water aquarium looking crystal clear
  • Undergravel Filter is convenient and trouble free
  • Filter has a Filt-A-Carb carbon cartridge which removes harmful gasses, odors and discoloration from your aquarium
  • Filter has a Fishguard to prevent fish from entering the lift tubes
  • Includes collar caps to cover lift tube collars which are not in use
  • Undergravel Filter has high pore air diffusers to increase bubble flow
  • Includes Filter gravel guards prevent gravel and fish from getting under filter plates
  • Draws water through the entire gravel bed

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